Three ‘n One

Here’s three posts in one (making up for the missed post the other day and then some).

Hair of Curly

So golden and divine

are the curls

that languorously twine,






that excite my

taste buds

to SIGH,

to take in the sight

take in heavenly











rough callused skin

hairs prickling the tiniest bit

she told me to never

give them a chance

to stop them at hello

your send-off gestures


made me quite endeared

how then would you brush me off?

with a wrinkle in your eyebrow?

i want to write

for writing’s sake

i want to explore

the heavenly realms

but first i’ll get lost

in you

and see of everything else

From Me to You

the feminine power

always held at bay

covered for propriety,

piety’s sake


here i am at

morning, dawn, afternoon

to twilight/night

sucking, biting, moaning

this is for you

i am calling,


to the feelings you impress

for me

from you



All I feel is



Flesh, mind compressed

And spirit withering

Hey, at least I said it.

I feel that

All I’m good for is


Money when it fits

And emotional support at its best

I’m here to puff up people’s ego

For them to run-over

Or is it rather,

That I allow myself to beset?

Well for heck’s sake,

Then if that’s all;

Better off dead.


late post 01/27/16

Woke up with 6 minutes to midnight and went, “Fluff.” Knew I wasn’t going to post on time, so I lay in bed instead. This is me getting around to it.



Don’t you get it?

We’ll all die that way.


No one by the bedside;

Slight trembles,

Nerves jangling,

Muscles in discordant symphony


Attuned to the yawning

Jowls of –

Nope, another

Precipitous yawn

Not altogether different

From the rest.


Called it

Too early

To say.


Not death in the wings.


late post 01/26/16

I sometimes want to ask

Why don’t you love yourself?

Is it that hard to see?


All that anyone had ever said;

Why, has it brought you so low

That only a critical eye

Was the perspective to be viewed?


I’d hope that you’d see

Some beauty

A semblance of understanding;

But granted, with a focal point distorted,

You’ll have to refocus

To make out anything.


To love others,

I’ve heard you’re to love

Yourself first,

But really,

It’s self-acceptance

That should do the talking.



I’ve missed two posts. So this is me making up. Sorry for slacking so hard, guys.


spare moments

it’s the borderlines we drew between us

that inevitably kept us apart


it’s the crosshair indecisive moments

where you questioned my sanity

and i questioned where laid your heart


it’s those spare moments where i gazed upon your face

and saw a youthful beauty belied in

mature features


it’s the realization that we won’t be

but to breathe in deep thisĀ 

these ordinary tidbits,

for however long they last

Romance in Motion

You’re different from the way I thought you’d be

but here we are, free-falling.

So full of life, vivaciousness

I wonder how we came into this mess.

But I,

I have to thank the other-worldly laws that brought us into this.

No matter what,

from the earth, moon, and stars,

you must have know you’d always be in my heart.

I’ll still be constant even when you seem to be less of yourself;

when it feels like you’re not there – believe me, I’ll always care.

Although these declarations of love can only go so far,

after all,

inanimate objects can only fall so far,

until the irresistible pull of something unfulfilled,

or until some nutty scientist dares to break us, analyze us apart.

Just know that we are one, in unison this flying body that soars

beyond this dwelling of air currents

into the feverish sun –

and if we were to hurl into space,

I think then our differences would cease,

and we would be forever free-falling.