“it’s nothing but honestly”

“It’s nothing but honestly”

The room seemed steady
Your eyes, they weighed me down
I just internally knew best
That it would’ve been better
If I hadn’t come round

But I couldn’t help
And stare at you
Yet your eyes were transfixed
On something else better to do

Words that clung to the back of my throat
My visage appearing
Was just a hoax

It’ll be the day
When I finally break free
Admitting words I’d always wanted to say
Instead of being hesitant and weak

There were those times
In the silence so bleak
When I spoke the most strangled of words;
Yet I was glad you heard my garbled speech

I think it was your eyes,
They defiantly held their ground;
Entranced as I was,
I had to look down.

Even if the feelings fade
And I know that I’ll be
Better off that way

I’m blessed to have met you,
Content to stay away,
Because if I truly pursued you,
I know I wouldn’t wait

So what makes me write
This poem of you
Inspiration – is always bubbling,
With the right muse
Sometimes I can’t comprehend,
What makes me feel guilty when you glare,
Or so giddy with your slightest of grins
Maybe you put me in the most jubilant of airs

Twinkle of the eye,
Upturn of the lips,
Or the chuckle that spills,
So wonderfully from your lips

We speak the least,
Greet each other even less,
But I don’t mind
Seeing you compensates
For the rest

Something about you,
Makes me want to draw you to me,
But I know if captured,
You wouldn’t be the same
If anything, unhappy


Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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