Snippets & A Poem

Confession time. A good portion of the poems I’ve posted thus far were written either in elementary, middle, high school and/or college. Back then I tended towards the dark and dramatic, so the older poems will reflect that. I plan to post 50 older poems and will tag them as #poem.

So I like writing snippets too:

I’m bored, let’s tumble backwards.
I’ll choke on laughter, molten memories.

The grin you hide, bloodshot eyes, scars that mend, the truths you bend.

Take the bait,
That’s your cue,
Cry like a weakling,
And die like humans do.

I’m choking on my misery
My entire fault we’re both…
Now lace my heart with venom…
Cut my soul with grief
I’m thinking the best way,
How this all could end.
Either you stab me,
Or I stab back.
Cock a barrel,
Don’t worry I’ll shoot your head fast.
Anything to end the torture,
I’m chained, bound, and gagged.
So please my darling, let’s continue the fad.
I’ll absorb the misery,
We’ll both be the shock pads.

Written a while ago, apparently when I was around 12? See kiddos, this is what happens when you’re raised on the Internet and too much (haha).


Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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