A Conversation (Brick and Mortar)

A Conversation

If it’s to ask for a call

If anything at all

It’s about offensive, the defensive, and the defenseless

My opinions and feelings don’t seem to have defenses when it comes to you

Only a wall brought down by brick and mortar, brick and mortar

So when I ask about a call

And you say

That there’s probably someone else I’d rather call

It makes me think of a huge sign

That says: “Stay the fuck away from me”

You’re not wanted here

You never were

Not your presence

Your messages are tolerated

But your actual presence, nah

Can’t take it.

Don’t want it.

But I guess that’s why I lean towards you

Your disappearance techniques make me

Overly curious, like

I can’t seem to get enough
can’t seem to get the message

Wanna relay something more than passivity in my oneword doubledouble repeated answers:


Because that’s what you inspire in me,

A drawing to

And a pushing away from brick and mortar

Brick by brick you built me up,

But in the cracks the mortar, you seared me

And chilled me to the bone

And soon enough

There was no shield,

No defense

No wall

To withstand the weight of your backhanded No’s.


Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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