A (Post-)College Kid

“I also realize that success doesn’t have to involve many goals – what matters is the clarity and heart we bring to a task” – Mahatma Ghandi (Ecstasy of Surrender, Judith Orloff)

please save us

these disillusioned

college kids

what my parents told me

(implicitly or explicitly)

i did.

and here’s another

rant of sorts

about life

and growing up for kicks

it’s not quite fun

as some songwriters say

it’s part independence

stepping your foot out into the fray

taking a breath

resetting one’s mind in the beginning

and end of the day

and (to be honest)

a few upstarts, snorts,

chuckles and tears

when things don’t quite go

that way

but it’s not my song

nor Whitman’s “Song of Myself”

on display; it’s just –

little writhing

leaves of grass;

can you hear the thrumming?

a carpet, each blade independent

from the rest?

all together, woven creates

a flowing tide of green

resplendent with sunrise and sunset;

moreover, to each strand

is his or her destiny

who am i

to so set it?

who are you

to proclaim what’s best?

who are we to argue

and lord over

opinions and subsets

of things like pride and ego

arguments that keep us beset?

(against one another)

just thank you

instead, for what is and has been.


Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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