Quick poem/blurb



You want to be dependable and yet

Here we are again

Between the noise of

We’ve done this already

Are you appeased yet


I’m in between

Feeling sick and

Sneezing myself to bits

It’ll all be all right though

Sometimes you have to let thoughts flow

No matter how absurd they seem

To quench the flow of thoughts

Would be unseemly


Unending repetition

In my head

Here’s a form of writer’s block

Where I’ll have to get past it

Trying all these new things




Job hunting



Wasting time endlessly?


Nah, I think not.


Learning life’s matters

Day by day

And dot by dot.


So it’s only Tuesday but this week has been rather busy already, and I like it! You know those people who like to nearly jam-pack their schedule with events but somehow still take it easy? That’s me. This is a new year, but it’s already starting off strong; I just have to keep up my initiative for this blog. I’m already lagging behind on looking for writing contests so (>.<;) gotta work on that. Eventually. How are you handling your schedule this week? Either way, hope it’s been good so far. Until tomorrow.


Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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