Romance in Motion

You’re different from the way I thought you’d be

but here we are, free-falling.

So full of life, vivaciousness

I wonder how we came into this mess.

But I,

I have to thank the other-worldly laws that brought us into this.

No matter what,

from the earth, moon, and stars,

you must have know you’d always be in my heart.

I’ll still be constant even when you seem to be less of yourself;

when it feels like you’re not there – believe me, I’ll always care.

Although these declarations of love can only go so far,

after all,

inanimate objects can only fall so far,

until the irresistible pull of something unfulfilled,

or until some nutty scientist dares to break us, analyze us apart.

Just know that we are one, in unison this flying body that soars

beyond this dwelling of air currents

into the feverish sun –

and if we were to hurl into space,

I think then our differences would cease,

and we would be forever free-falling.



Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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