untitled 3

can you find it in yourself –

the secret to that long lost question


that appreciation you’ve never received

that length of feeling which you never have reached

that uneasy sentiment touched upon in silent gestures

that unfairness perceived that continued to linger

that slight smile that drooped unconsciously

that scattering of gaze when visions collided so suddenly

that pitter-patter of rapid thudding and screaming

the high-pitched yelps and adorable snuffling

the long-contented yowls followed by hisses and growls

the whisper-thump and slither of (non)sentient beings in between the walls

the unread text that never got a reply; never sent

that hiatus-response, delay, put-off



untitled 2


that motivating factor



self-deprecating wrapped in a veil of propriety

motivations i wish

weren’t habits

because that loop has

repeated itself

without fail,

every. time.


let the past of the week flow over me

and begin again, renewed.


as if each week is a new life.


untitled 1

we’re all laid up

in bed with a broken heart

and ripping off lines

because the brain is

running on tiredness –

too much exhilaration

from the previous week to even start


and we both now

have let ourselves go

into this bumble of a situation


to and fro without a

permanent destination


trying to make sense

but honestly it can

be hard


but we’ll start by

making good on any free time

cracking off jokes

and innuendos to pass the time


but maybe it takes

more than a couple of relations

cosplay conventions

and the newest innovations


or perhaps a route or path

to walk down, newly, cleanly

each and every time –


the only thing stopping?

motivation to simply get up and try.




A simple smile cannot fulfill
The countenance your soul can thrill
The world and everyone around,
But only for now…
There you are compressed
In a sullen form of unhappiness.
And here I am staring contemplative,
Wanting to expand your view by inspiring
You; even in the tiniest possible way at all…
So you’d be left thinking,
But not of me and you’ll never recall…
At least you’d be content which is what I’d wish for until time would end…

Your simple smiles that can console,
And raise a leaden, unworthy soul,
Who hasn’t seen much of what the world can give.
Something beautiful cloaked in human skin.

You entertain me, so I keep you in sight-
A wonderful pleasantness to bleary eyes,
You alter a difference,
Such a change you move in me…
Because of you being who you want to be-
I’ll always respect you in thought,
Care for you so far – although I’m lost –
And only hope these things I see,
Would even transfer to make the barest hints to reach….

ode to chocolate fudge bars

shouldn’t let you conquer me so sweetly

can’t let go of this dream

where fingers intertwine, chocolate sighs

speak to the truth: heaven

is found in the ecstasy of tastebuds

relishing in the fudge

bar symphony, repeated symbols of

that popsicle stick, why

only serves to remind, that number: 120

calories times three but

everlasting memory to the thighs


Diversity at workplace: how to use poetry for improving communication and intercultural differences

Business in Rhyme

Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.
~Malcolm Forbes

For many years I had the opportunity to live in the Hague, the Netherlands and it is one of the most diverse cities, where cultures, ethnicity, religion and human rights mix together, forming a unique atmosphere and living diversityconditions. Diversity is a major topic and I’ve been always intrigued to which extent it governs our everyday life – especially if we work and live in diverse community.

There is a variety of differences that can exist among people within one  organization. In the Forbs recent article, it states:

In addition to creating a workplace inclusive of race, gender, and sexual orientation (to name a few), many organizations are seeking value in something even simpler, diversity of thought. In some industries that are known for being insular – think law or high-tech companies – seeking out talent with different thinking and…

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I’ll have you know
I’m slightly scared to death
To push the limits
Of comfortability and rest
It’s oftentimes the simplicity
Of saying hello to a neighbor
To smile when the stranger has their face set
Perhaps it’s being in a rancorous crowd
That makes one want to go away
Or the thought of airplanes and height
Not the flight, perhaps the wooshing of the waves
Or the thought of being far away from friends and family
Dearly beloved ones
A call away
But now there’s that space to soar
To mess up, surely
To be free, and explore
What is needed to be seen

And it’s okay to be lost
Footsteps falling to an uneven beat
The constant review needed to be done
Not knowing where He’ll place me
Still His will be done
Shouldn’t even talk as if I know
But if this is where I am to go
Guide me, lead me
Along the bumbling way
You’ll make the lost, meandering steps
Make sense in Your own way