i won’t send muffins

I won’t send muffins

To you, this night

Before pumpkin seed,

Blueberry, cheese cream,

Would turn your frown upright

But instead I’ll choose the higher ground

Less calories and carbohydrates

You’d nonetheless before down

But it’s inbred, kid

Your sweet tooth

Will be your death, RIP

In me you’ll find, then

Not quite guts and nerves

But no longer pandering, either

That you prefer

So if there’s a fighting chance

Take your reserve and go

Say au revoir to muffins,

For they did suit you so.

(To the tune of “I Won’t Send Roses” from

 “Mack & Mabel” )

One of my favorite songs. Also, this could be an early ode to Valentine’s Day.

(P.S. Adios Fat Tuesday; I will miss thee so.)



Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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