come little darling/angel, my muse

Come little darling

I’ll take thee away

From sickness and gloom that enfold you

Wrap yourself in a refreshing embrace

Of the slightest cool touch

And close snuggle of the heart

To enclose you



Angel, my muse

Where are you presiding?

Where in the depths do you tremor?

In a guise that makes you seem blighted,

When truly it’s your heart others

Endlessly are covetous for


Here in the midst

I will await the bliss

That shall occur

When paths of ours combine


Long adored

It was your awakening

I have sought for

No one else could delight

And enrapture

Like you, my muse




Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

One thought on “come little darling/angel, my muse”

  1. What a strange thing
    To a child reduced to
    Being spoiled
    I am not quite used to

    But for me
    The throat’s true crime
    Was stopping me from stealing kisses
    From my Valentine

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