20 Truisms and Quotes

  1. “Man cannot be uplifted; he must be seduced into virtue.” – Marquis, Don
  2. “Those that lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.” – American Indian Proverb
  3. “Choose neither a woman nor linen by candlelight.” – Italian Proverb
  4. “Well, the telling of jokes is an art of its own, and it always rises from some emotional threat. The best jokes are dangerous, and dangerous because they are in some way truthful.” – Vonnegut, Kurt
  5. “Don’t wish for what you already have.” – Unknown
  6. “The victor belongs to the spoils.” – Fitzgerald, Francis
  7. “I never fully understood the need for a ‘live’ audience. My music, because of its extreme quietude, would be happiest with a dead one.” – Norden, Denis
  8. “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” – Unknown
  9. “The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” – Rumi, Jalal ad-Din
  10. “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi, Jalal ad-Din
  11. “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” – Dean, James
  12. “A time comes when silence is betrayal.” – King Jr., Martin Luther
  13. “I don’t deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either.” – Benny, Jack
  14. “That’s All Folks!” – Blanc, Mel
  15. “He who angers you conquers you.” – Kenny, Elizabeth
  16. “Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” – Lincoln, Abraham
  17. “It takes a village to raise a child.” – African Proverb
  18. “Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” – Baldwin, James
  19. “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.” – Twain, Mark
  20. “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Twain, Mark

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Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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