I’ll have you know
I’m slightly scared to death
To push the limits
Of comfortability and rest
It’s oftentimes the simplicity
Of saying hello to a neighbor
To smile when the stranger has their face set
Perhaps it’s being in a rancorous crowd
That makes one want to go away
Or the thought of airplanes and height
Not the flight, perhaps the wooshing of the waves
Or the thought of being far away from friends and family
Dearly beloved ones
A call away
But now there’s that space to soar
To mess up, surely
To be free, and explore
What is needed to be seen

And it’s okay to be lost
Footsteps falling to an uneven beat
The constant review needed to be done
Not knowing where He’ll place me
Still His will be done
Shouldn’t even talk as if I know
But if this is where I am to go
Guide me, lead me
Along the bumbling way
You’ll make the lost, meandering steps
Make sense in Your own way


Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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