Diversity at workplace: how to use poetry for improving communication and intercultural differences

Business in Rhyme

Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.
~Malcolm Forbes

For many years I had the opportunity to live in the Hague, the Netherlands and it is one of the most diverse cities, where cultures, ethnicity, religion and human rights mix together, forming a unique atmosphere and living diversityconditions. Diversity is a major topic and I’ve been always intrigued to which extent it governs our everyday life – especially if we work and live in diverse community.

There is a variety of differences that can exist among people within one  organization. In the Forbs recent article, it states:

In addition to creating a workplace inclusive of race, gender, and sexual orientation (to name a few), many organizations are seeking value in something even simpler, diversity of thought. In some industries that are known for being insular – think law or high-tech companies – seeking out talent with different thinking and…

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Author: gerbilette

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One thought on “Diversity at workplace: how to use poetry for improving communication and intercultural differences”

  1. The biggest issue with a poetry workshop in the workplace is that only people who already took these issues seriously would get something from them. I can say with certainty that this kind of thing would be pretty useless for a plant or oil field, because they already have similar types of presentations and need to lure workers to them with food. It’s also interesting to me that the article makes a point of gender issues when the biggest challenge I see to diversity in the workplace has easily been race, with issues relating to homosexuality coming in a close second. Maybe that has to do with the type of work I’ve done and where I am.

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