A simple smile cannot fulfill
The countenance your soul can thrill
The world and everyone around,
But only for now…
There you are compressed
In a sullen form of unhappiness.
And here I am staring contemplative,
Wanting to expand your view by inspiring
You; even in the tiniest possible way at all…
So you’d be left thinking,
But not of me and you’ll never recall…
At least you’d be content which is what I’d wish for until time would end…

Your simple smiles that can console,
And raise a leaden, unworthy soul,
Who hasn’t seen much of what the world can give.
Something beautiful cloaked in human skin.

You entertain me, so I keep you in sight-
A wonderful pleasantness to bleary eyes,
You alter a difference,
Such a change you move in me…
Because of you being who you want to be-
I’ll always respect you in thought,
Care for you so far – although I’m lost –
And only hope these things I see,
Would even transfer to make the barest hints to reach….


Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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