Sun & Moon (Crimson Peak)

Feelings start to spin

We would never know the odds

If we’d never attempt

How could we ever begin?

It’s the ceiling

Between you and I

More than peeling paint

Falling debris

And moldy snowflakes

Earthen red clay seeps

Through cracks in the floorboards

Encompassing how cheap, and paltry, and convenient

We found it

The comfort in one another

Like sun and moon,

Did we complement one another

Until you chose to orbit

Draw your gravity towards another

Then I was crushed, whole-heartedly betrayed

How could the moon ever dare to stray away

And so,

I wanted you to be centered

On you and I

But I’m sorry, baby

You were the sun

To my dark tranquil lullabies

The moon

To my steady, haunting cries

I’ll never get over you

You’ll never get over me

I’ll never let go of you

You’ll never get over her–

But you’re mine.



Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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