3 in 1


so why not,

give it all you’ve got

instead of lurking in

those panther-like shadows

waiting for the world to knock at your door

so i hope it works out for you

the job, the self-esteem

the life as it arises –

these issues

i really wish it all works out for the best


spake spoke

naive sort of hopes

on a twisted con alert Valentine

she says there’s no God to believe in

her baby – how does she fare?

how do we survive in this realm

of thin and stress-ridden?

leg thumping to an untimely beat

may tomorrow come sooner

may Dawn not withhold her fingertips stretching

open the blinds to another

(dismal) morning


if tomorrow’s good morning,

could the evening glean a little darkness as well?

whether it’s the light sheen of frothy buildup

edges of pots and pans at the rim

with muddy-clear water static, waiting

all of life poised precariously

that smudged butter knife which told of

tales that jam and peanut butter had it out

for him

balanced, heavyset see-saw does the Fates

organize our thoughts

or instead shall they skitter off

to think, which is worse

ending lines with prepositions

or the crusty muck, fossilized

oatmeal remnants of a giant

who liked maple syrup?

soap itself cannot wash

these idle thoughts away

only the thought of deadlines

shifts priorities,

haphazardly making them straight.




Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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