We cracked the code to this place

We cut our teeth on fists and doors (supposedly)

And I’m not proud of my address (but I survived, a veteran, truly)

In a torn up Ward

With crumbled-up side streets

But everybody’s like

Hoverboards, Jays, gold and that timepiece

Bloods and Crips and the latest fight

That went down on that hallway

Or wait, in the park next to me

Favorite line: We don’t care

We’re caught up in our own affairs

And we’ll never be royal

We write our histories

Kik, Snapchat, just doing our own thing

But it’s the bonds, those handshakes

Hot Cheetos inhaled like breathing

Fantasy football and YouTube,

Life-saving remedies

We’ll never be royal

It don’t run in our blood

Lux isn’t for us,

But it’s the life we dream of



Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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