Miss you
Think thoughts where these curls,
Could they be yours if I ran my fingers through them?
Would our legs be also intertwined,
Heavy and latent on one another like that?
Would you also be chattering happily on nerdy cutesy stuff that makes your world go round?
The slight impressionistic abrasions of hair against my palm, could you also have had such a similar texture?
It’s always like this, isn’t it,
When others dream of a richer, greener, pasture
Instead of appreciating the totality at present.
It’s those spare moments of laughter
Those unspoken thoughts that only need a: “Yeah…you too?”
The understandability that underscores the silence
When heaviness of breaths
Fills the weight of the room
Warmth resides
The seriousness in matters
Gravity and genuine care in
Heavy-light rubs on shoulders
It’s the little-big things you do,
That helps me get by.



Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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