because rant. (mature language)

I’m going to stop bothering your ass

Because you probably don’t want anything to do

With me

And that’s cool because

I figure that

I’ve always the overly

One who’s clingy

And I think that I just need to let

All this shit out

The steam and press and

Fucking restless


And the rest of that shit

That was just listlessness

And lust in a nice wrapped up package

Called a relationship.

Nah. I shouldn’t degrade it.

Twas nice for what it was but,

Let me let it pass

This reminiscing shit

Isn’t helping anyone

Much less me

While you’ve already gone off

And don’t let me repeat this again;

Don’t let me repeat this again

Help me find some other solution

To this craziness

To this selfishness

To my loneliness

That spawned me to chat with strangers online

That helped shape me into this vixen

Who doesn’t really exist in real life

Doesn’t really exist

Except when hiding behind

The face of a computer screen

Unknowing that it was her demise.



Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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