of mental contemplation and sighs.

zigzag infinity

neural capacity firing high

hair fleek as sunshine

silence steady in the sublime

rustle in the ruffle of pleats

on thighs

a magnificence in simplicity

of observation’s heights

to earthly contemplation

and mental sighs



can’t wait outside

the light is too dark for reason’s sight

to differentiate from wrong and right

is a conscience needed?

is a man, godless,

overthrown by reasons

given to emotional fits

of passion lost

in an infernal circle –

even men with God or rather men

with the “Power of God”

use to their ends, make profitable or powerful

his own plight –

I think there is a wrong or right to be had –

easy to judge but to ultimately Judge decisions midway or the end is not for me to claim,

except that by my hand, my actions, my thoughts

is right or wrong proclaimed

Just not the end-all be-all.

of food and the best i didn’t have.


Lomo soltado

Fries on rice,

Garnish with marinated beef, sliced tomatoes and onions galore

What is it about meat

Fat oozing that only

Clogs arteries



It’s the appeal of the

American diet

We pretend we’re rich

But we’re all just

Hankering for another score.


Help me be giving
But I’m damn tired of being taken advantage of
Drain the life out of
blood, muck, and drugs
Lethargy and repetitive actions
runs rampant
And astray to human condition
Or maybe runs parallel
Sometimes you want to
Wring the life out of love
Smudge the confusion
Into the dust, until
There’s nothing to pick
You up.