In response

Where to begin?

It is amazing how

The breadth and expanse of this world

Came to be,

Unfurling so rapidly

Majesty incomprehensible

In the simplicity and complexity

That is Mother Earth.


I understand that awe,

Inspiring all,

And not but a select few,

But if I were to tell the truth,

Sometimes it’s hard to care at all –

Being shaken up

Earth’s own rapture

With events of late

Bombings, shootings

Looting, decapitation

And the sheer selfishness

Of the human race.


That apathy,

In truth,

Extends to you –

To guys that

I have spoken too

Call it cynicism

It’s words of flattery

That I always seem to distaste

And despite the beauty residing

In another individual

And sheer expansive possibility

I view men oftentimes

With a feminist’s gaze


All misapropriating

You deserve more than

I could properly respond to

In a couple stanza poem, Dre

All that chutzpah and athleticism

spun off your person

From the moment we interacted

In that one English class

Eons ago to this day


Your zest for life is unparalelled

The scope and vision of your stories

Would make movie sales

But you’re looking at a grander vision

Building a manga empire

To make the giants turn their heads

All that ego

Which daily puts nose to the grindstone

Isn’t done yet –

You’re just getting started


Whereas I’m content to see this up-and-coming meteoric rise

But I’ll stay grounded instead of fly along in your heights

I think my heart has had enough

Though I do sometimes crave

Adrenaline and a bird’s eye view

You said it best

“Travel the world

With the paths least taken”

Indeed I agree,

I think that

We meet people who are like

Food for the journey


I cannot see myself being with you.

I dunno,

It baffles me too,

And unlike others who I’ve told sweet nothings too

Utter strangers

You ought to know the truth,

You’ve been candid as is:

I don’t know why

But your heart and mine doesn’t fit

I am much too confusion

In person and in plans

While you have your own

Things to deal with

Maybe we’re that lull in humanity

That melding of artistic representation

From your vision to mine


I do hope you see the divine

Belied more than in mine features

It’s something I don’t see,

What’s become of mirrors

As you ought to see yourself

And all that gusto you should savor

I know that woman to be

Of yours will not be

Weak, but resilient and


Maybe not athletic

But she can more than relate to your interests

Be it Star Trek, gaming, and raids

Or soccer, astronomy, and chats

Of religious, sociological and political debate –

See, I would hold out for that girl

And the intake of breath

She would make haste

To restart your heartbeat

Or remove any dislike of your day

With her smile and care

And honestly,

That’s why I care

To write a poem

In reply:


3 am poems are ones I can relate to

Once it feels like someone who

You’ve given your heart to

(Or at least a vacuum-sealed box of affections)

Doesn’t respond with other than

Radio silence

Or one-word sayings.


I know what it’s like to spit your heart out on repeat

Initiate interactions

And find yourself the one coming up,


I don’t want you

To doubt yourself like I did

Or let your self-esteem

Get trampled like it was the shits

But that’s the highs and lows

We have to risk and take

In the midst of desire and relationships

Advance and somewhat strategize,

Plan ahead maybe without that desired one’s oversight

If the gain seems too good to be,

And distance an insurmountable feat

Let’s both cut our losses

I don’t have that feeling

To liken to yours

So please

For your sake

Find that woman who opens up doors

In your world and the next

Brings you past your breaking point and the rest

Someone who tests your fire with ire

Only to come up sweet

And inspires gallant sacrifice

So there would be hope for humanity

Because you are a prize to behold

Just another’s whose name is still untold.



everything in threes

his mouth

his hands

his length

that covered me

if there was heat

it was all proximity

if there was arousal

it’s called bodily functioning

if i cared at all

that would’ve been a blessing