let you go.

Please my heart
Let it go
Let these perpetual
Undercurrent of emotions cease

In the ashes of a storm
I whirlwind
Eyeing the demise
That caused our breaking.

What are we living for
What were we loving for
It is a daily question:
Why live a listless life anymore?
Sitting on the edge
Of mind’s mental brink,
Swinging legs
And deadened heart beating,
Lub-thub thrum –
I should have known better
That it was nigh time to walk away.

So I’ll let you go
Let this chest of mine
Stop it’s steady sink

And not consider you (again)
As I tended to do
Quite recklessly;

We’ll do routine motions
Maybe try not to think much of the
Other and the notion
That we tried so hard
Only to fail
As we are better together,



Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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