who knew

Who knew

Holiness could be attractive

And I see now

That voracious capacity for text

Is now replaced with

An aptitude for something

Greater than

The flesh

Myriad of images consumed

That hankers for more

Than the rest

Well that sort of admiration

Apart from skin deep

Is that sort of soul-seeking

Found in others;

Their passion for living.




When you care about someone’s health

But you don’t know what to say

When you want to hold and hug someone

To keep the nightmares at bay

You’re unsure of whether to take that step

Because where do these awry paths lead

If only to accept the flow and passage of things

And let the past be.



I’m a hypocrite in the highest degree

I want your hugs and kisses

But I push you away when I think

I can be independent

I can be on my own

I thought

And I still think

That this is the best

But this is all I know:

I am faulty

I am weak

I am quite mistaken

I backtrack, second guess myself so easily

So as you told me plainly,

How you cared

And I felt nothing

Kind or empty, then and there

Now I realize my folly

But I am glad you cared.