to that lady.

I got something to say:
I never knew a woman quite exquisite as
the first light of day
’till I saw you –
jawline defined
tat on arm,
spiraling down,
once you turned around,
I was lost.

Heart skipping, flutter-kicking
must’ve been dreaming –
Cloud-9 feelings interrupted that space
had to say something
’cause I probably looked crazy as shee –


spine rattled,
forgot my name,
forgot place and time
as your eyes captured mine

Credit card,

brown eyes slayed
froze me in my tracks
some exchange I can’t recall,
I was numb to all
but the thrall of you
utter stranger I met
at 11:32
on a Friday night
and since then my mind
hasn’t been all right

You gave me a receipt but
all I remember
is that gaze and
captivating, cosmic

For genuine beauty
I have to thank you
I’ve never felt this way
Wordless, emotions bungled in throat
Wanting to express the most

But I’m here though,
expecting nothing but
a burger and fry combo
You’ve got me spitting poetry like
It means something though
and I’m not trying to feed my ego
But express that aesthetic your soul
inspired in mine

So take it or leave it, rebirth
Our meeting was like
The First Day of My Life



Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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