17 minutes.



What will they be?

I guess, in a nutshell they are
Family friends God
And then me.

They’re not particularly in any order,
Because how easily,
Drop of a hat
Flip of a switch
Mumbling of thoughts

Do these priorities
War with one another
Ram against to roar for
Deliverance, which is
Always a task for me.

I like to quite
Overstress myself,
Quite easily.

I want to read books,
I want to knit, write poetry,
Eat good food that I have learned how to make. Become self-sufficient in order to help those people who need it most. Get back on feet, dust off defeat from scruffed up knees, elbows, hastily, resolutely wipe tear trails streaked.
I want to make a difference to those
Whose lives are entangled with mine
Even for the smallest span
A simple glance, passerby
At a time.

You could be my standalone,
A reprieve- a Redeemer
To be alone in thoughts
Head bowed,
Silence cowed
By the reflection of preeminent,
And endless is the fact
To accept life is so much
As it is a daily upward,
Downward bound spiral.
Hug the curves of that
The final sort of
Fast oblivion in speed
The gradual ascent of
Candle tendrils and a spirit leaving.

How jutting and unapparent
And yet how very vital and
Nearly transparent
Are these things,
To me.




Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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