A man I found online

On a site notorious for sleaze

Along with selling and giving away things

A man I found online


There was a friend who knew

Of my heartbreak, with you

He was sympathetic, but he cared too

There was a friend who knew


He had a knack for stories

And decided to write me in,

Intertwined, I had a choice

I succumbed, then; this man that

Had a knack for stories


In between this all

Our flow was quite stalled

By my actions as of late

I couldn’t, wouldn’t dare reveal them

In between us, this all


How will I know?

If you’re thinking of me

This is vanity’s most finest moment

Pining for someone who

You pushed away purposefully


So it was then, a man

I knew from living in

He had an exotic view, EDM

I knew him from the

Room that I lived in


And thereon it was hard to deal

With the face in the mirror

With the strangers I forayed

Into the darkness with

Excitement, frightening tremors

Heightening it


Lips that quested for mine

Strangers that pushed desire

And the way I curiously poured my interest in

These lips that quested for mine


Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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