the way you talk

the way you groove


i was beyond belief

that moment

you told me


i miss you so dearly

the weight of your skin

as it presses upon me

bringing too much with it


let me take the time

to memorize

this snippet in time

that’ll be gone

the moment you realize

this isn’t for you

it isn’t for me

but in this instance


we can be free.



I think I felt bad to leave you be

Remnants of a relationship

Of closeness

That were fleeting

But expansive in meaning


Of conversations that long


They were verbose

But demanded a stringent silliness

In being


I will have a memory of you with me

How long in repose

In what cryogenic stasis

Will it sleep

When will it thaw to beating


No one knows.


I will have a memory of you with me

How long it’ll stay

In a debatable existence

Shaky foundations keep

Will we go on, stagnant yet fleeing?


When you’re at the 2:56 of life

It’s a crux of four minutes

That makes or reshapes

Future dreams

If it’s the challenge you’re scared of, face it

If it’s the distance you’re hesitant about, cross it

If it’s the loneliness you’ll feel, embrace it

If it’s the doubt you engage in, disengage from it


If it’s you you want to find in a foreign land,

Don’t stifle the silence

Embrace that simplicity

Find something more nifty

Than dollar signs

And cultural mores


And if it’s not the food or the people

Or the difference in humanity


What’s truly at stake?

Social posturing

Climbing up that maddening ladder

Competing against the voice inside your head

Saying salary and position in life

and approval matters?


What if you approved of yourself,

And that in itself,

is enough.


Get over yourself

no one gives a crap

dance like nobody’s watching

and even when all eyes are on you

mess up,

’cause it’s your solo

make it grandeur

and as bad

as it needs to be

ask yourself why is it to others’ you’re venturing

ask yourself what is that end glory

ask what is that race you’re running

and to where do you dare go –

hindered by self and doubts in tow


if it is something wrong with me,

revel instead in that confused glory.