When you’re at the 2:56 of life

It’s a crux of four minutes

That makes or reshapes

Future dreams

If it’s the challenge you’re scared of, face it

If it’s the distance you’re hesitant about, cross it

If it’s the loneliness you’ll feel, embrace it

If it’s the doubt you engage in, disengage from it


If it’s you you want to find in a foreign land,

Don’t stifle the silence

Embrace that simplicity

Find something more nifty

Than dollar signs

And cultural mores


And if it’s not the food or the people

Or the difference in humanity


What’s truly at stake?

Social posturing

Climbing up that maddening ladder

Competing against the voice inside your head

Saying salary and position in life

and approval matters?


What if you approved of yourself,

And that in itself,

is enough.



Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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