of passing ships and nights at bay.

I cannot string you along

I think that is most cruel

Did I do that for two and a half years

Did I breathe at all in renewal?

I jumped from guy to guy

Not much thought in the process

I sought these highs

In business

In friends

In feeling and appearing accomplished

You were not where all my happiness

Came to lay

You were not always that

Shining star

I held you at this pinnacle

I let my body become some other’s play art, play thing


I played you I think

I played myself

Said I deserved better, inwardly

Said you deserved better,

Saw myself not worth being


You tried to show me unconditional love

Not that I would know

I prayed and asked about it

I wanted to feel it,

So I obsessed about it in my own way

In quest for something

I did not know.


Not true.


It was given to me,

At birth.

It was given before

The world.

It was in the minute and big;

In the purity and serenity of a flower

It was in the silence of hectic life

And your patience and affection in tow


You were more than some guy I met online

You were more than some guy I gave my time


I gave you my thoughts,

Feelings, sentiments at 2, 4 am

In between 5 summer classes

In one-go-kinda thing


It’s the love from others

I take to rest with me

All the material comforts

All the intangibles

That are felt without seeing


I’m sorry our love was

Like ships passing in the night

At once we met and docked

Our sides and helms together

Buckled under the force of water

Bobbed with the force and tidal wave of life,

But I was such a fickle thing

Once we interacted

Time and time again


I wanted these two molten beings

To become one

To crest waves and destinations,

Together, united under

The same setting sun


But it’s not that easy.


Passing ships in the night –

Our helms sensing the other going by

I took my own course

It’s to vessels I encountered for the sake of

Lost self, in feeling

Disparate, disconnected,

Disembargoed, disembarked


Entirely from the beauty that is you.


We never fully met

But I’d feel you so close

Hearkening my heart

From leagues away


I looked for other shores

Adrenaline adventures

Crazy, swash (dumb) bucket

Forays – those

“stories” that could be regaled for days but


Some, if not most paled

Mostly, those guys,

My self-esteem

And commitment issues

Were an excuse


I wanted you

Could not have you


Even in the leagues

Even in the meeting

On those seas


I was longing and still,

Longing for something aside from

The transient

The passing fleeting

Though your ship

Sounds will echo on


I am beside myself

Not entirely lost at sea

I wish I had better answers

About my adrift feelings

I want to close the chapter

But I hesitate for lack of strength

I want to know you’ll be all right

If our paths ever cross again



Author: gerbilette

Write, edit, be. Write, love, poetry.

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