rescue me.

I’ve got a nervous habit

Where I think too much

I get lost in guys

And I feel like I lose Your Love


I got my weakness in thought,

Vices, lack sleep and such

But hold onto me, hold onto me –

You’ll never leave,

You’ll never leave.


I put faith and feeling in guys I don’t know

It takes my mind off things,

But there’s no room to grow.

When you’re stifled by self and indecision in tow,


Could you rescue me, from the self in me?


we protect ourselves so readily.

we protect ourselves so readily

our walls are up this high

we had our night together

your music flooded my mind

and now we’re in strained silence

yet allowing life to pass us by

so i take your excitement, at nonchalance

and you take my hesitancy as me trying to brush you off –

i am.


i want you to do your thing

I want you to be fulfilled and free.


and though I write this on a page

which you’ll probably never see,

the reassurance it brings is that

these are the mite thoughts

that I can share,

can keep.



I should let a lot of things go.

I should let a lot of things go

And I’m trying

Though not with full force in tow


But I need to let you alone

I need to leave you be

Like, literally


Someone, please teach me

How to accept

Let things be done

Note: Not to attach self

When the cards have

Lasted their turn


I’m the only one agonizing here,

At least,

I think so


I want to find a peace

That accepts

What can’t be accepted fully.