i’ve found out that i’m really no one.

The original

The hardest reality

Was realizing I couldn’t be with you;

That you have more than a lot on your plate

And that I am someone who passed by in haste.

I liked the nuance and danger of someone new,

The heightening appeal that lust was this hunger insatiable

Even as it tore me,

And dragged me to places,

Parking lot spaces and to dating apps where hook ups were really child’s play –

Somehow our spotty connection and offers of comfort –

Was yours still good to take?

I don’t regret that night, yet

I regret how I used you,

But to be fair

We had our own share of using, too.

We each have our own difficulties,

And I’m not saying we need to have to come to

Some solid meeting,

But I was in this fairytale haze –

Of how I saw you and me.

Like, we could coexist in this particle of peace.

If I just separate from the world and its problems,

To commitments made

And how actions bled into other things –

Is it I who comfort you momentarily

Or you, me?

Can we just take a minute to acknowledge that

past my poems,

Past your songs,

Past that line we crossed we’re just people drifting?

I saw reality so hard to only want to break free from it.


Your sentiment hit me so palpably

I was tingling and dizzy and numb from it –

And the clarity of mint lemonade,

5:36 am convos with the bud

Could only wake me from it.


I am not mine

You are not yours


We are not made of make ups

Break ups and emotional overhauls, galore

And you are not that night we spent together

I am not that idea you had from forever


We are people, independent and more than free to exist

You are

I am

–we are, who we, we ourselves are.


I am not yours

And you are not mine, so

Here’s to flip-flopping

And your eyes that bore and darted from mine.


May your heart roam free, unhindered, alive.

And I’ll endeavor to do the same in time.



the taste of you.

like a potent,

strong heady brew

he lures me in –

not with platitudes

but the comfort of himself,

all that i took too well

all that we can offer or see

is caught up in texture,

emotional feeling.


i take up this space in the mind

his words formulate to impact

and remind me why

things are better left untouched

but we had gone where we did

traversed planes of closeness

with music and sentiment


–if only eyes could absorb,

dispel, ring truth

yet our awkward doubts resonated through.


you were honest with me as i,

haven’t entirely been with you.

i’d sip you so cautiously –

but you’re not mine to consume.

a part of my heart said,

to let you go –

another headier, selfish part said

but why – what harm though?

Now I see.

Emotions take a toll,

even with lack of physicality.



The Night We Kept

Take me back to

The night we kept

Close to us

Remember us

And now we’re loosed

I want you to be freed

In your own symphony

So you float,

On your own boat

Wherever you sail to go

May then, there be vast waters competing


None of that easy sailing stuff

But the tune,

The yearning of that endless night

To guide you home.


creation colors.

No matter what colors

You try to paint of me

I am as by design

Despite nicks,




I am a portrait in its prime

And even then a progress, incomplete


Even until this day


I am the colors

As other have filled in the summit of love, memories, and gratefulness


All of this, and then some of which

I choose, make up me

I am somehow, still not me

Because I have not yet reached

The zenith

That totality of being.


Wish I Knew You (Then)

Comment and Sound

tenuous threads of friendship
can we experiment?
see what you really mean
it’s the swingtime beat
of this
hormonal dance
rhythm we’re singing to
it’s a risque type of freedom
cheers to: belated expression of infatuation
perchance drunken expressions
accidentally made
but it’s the lingering feeling of
perhaps being held on to
listened to
in the form and face
of someone new
someone who listened who
doesn’t take judgment at face-value
i suppose he was gorgeous like that
somewhat in looks
lacking in work ethics but rather
adorable in other aspects
i figured
what those comments meant
and ruminated on
what passing glances
awkwardly stifled chances
of exhaled breath
it’s amusing
looking back now
what the questing, probing statements
the back and forth
completion of various lyrics
and transfer of likes and dislikes abound…
i had a marked preference
for you, sir
when you were and weren’t around
i sense you in the phrases “silly”
and your fuzzy hair
so messily shagged around
but it was in the difference of ages
of interests in life
in where we were going individually
which made me stand my ground
to your destructible swaying
of comment and sound
i figured in a way
if things are meant to be
they will, in time play
the reel of life’s moments unendingly
but not here, and not now.
so i wish the
utmost sincere
to our back and forth diatribe
to your mannerism of cupping a face like;
such a fragile element of nature here
to nights of Wingstop
laughter and horror movie
wheels those hours
spent up late
chatting on idle news
but over interests in music
and one another
— i suppose
kept our imaginations freed, fueled, awake.
Cheers, to you

comments and sound

in all that
itself present in you,
and please bless him Lord,
for I believe he needs you. Amen.

hold onto me.

We both like comfort

We met halfway

But we have our problems

So neither will want to stay

Because to stay long enough

Would mean we’d dive too deep

But I still want you to hold

Onto me, hold onto me


You’re a drifter

I’m a dreamer

We have these differing ideals

Except when in close proximity

Your covers are mine to half-heartedly steal


Still we’d long to cling like

Vines to trees

So hold onto me, hold

Onto me


You say if we get close and dive too deep

You’d be devastated if I’d hate you –

And leave

So you stay away

And I understand that wish to avoid the pain –


Could you comfort me anyways?


Like bright eyes would croon in a voice strangled speak:

If you love something set it free.