how he viewed her

In the coldness of his fingertips, he felt her.
As barren, but breatheable silence consumed the room.
With a few clicks,
and a naive eagerness to learn,
the girl was tricked –
enthralled with pictures on the screen.
His traitorous hand shoved lower,
consumed with what he was feeling.
Convinced, the girl, thought it to be a game.
And being from her vantage point only play,
she slid her hand aside his – and he paused.
The open, unspoken question hung aloft,
“Are you sure you want this?”
But he forgot to ask,
and quite hilariously disregarded the fact,
that she was his niece,
as she perched on his lap


late post

I had written a couple poems yesterday and fell asleep in the process without posting. So this late post is for yesterday.


It is

because I am selfish

that I want to leave


Your apathy

draws vestiges

of leftover caring


I scrape the bowl

and find it




i want and need you to consume me

take my senses and burn them

take my flesh and caress as you


here are a few thoughts


we’re never quite sure how pieces fit, but

we’re here, aren’t we?


i long for you

as day bleeds

line per line into black,

orange, and

i want your fingers

dragging along my skin

like we haven’t done it enough

i want your scent

taste  texture  heat

stamped  imprinted  indefinite

defined all over me.

i want your impression

to leave deep reverberations

into the ugliest parts of me

again and again

without seeing

they scorched my eyes away

no longer could i see

the curve of your face

read the books of old

understand a stranger’s gaze

but for a better part of a moment

i believed to be free

void of self-consciousness

instead it was whispers

the scrape of chairs, shuffle and

d   r   a   g  of feet which clued me in

or kept me excluded

the odd one

obviously, stuck out

so did i ever have sight, truly?




let me uncover the tendrils
of your dark brown hair
how it curls along your cheekbones
i want to witness
you fragment into disrepair
gasping, gaping holes

because you’re made of WoW moments,
Hearthstone decks align
updates, stats, gear, criteria
aim for perfection
whereas i’d never even try

but we’re just floating
out there on our own respective
private sad places
and we try to mirror, create
our own type of home
that warms the in between spaces