To-Do Blurb for 2016

What’s the plan for this 2016? Basically to upload one blog post a day, whether it’s a poem, review, or stray rant that’s come to mind. But to post. Daily. A friend is keeping up her part of the deal, and as the previous post referred to it – we shook on it, so we’re stuck.

In this blog I’ll be sharing some of my favorite writers and stories I’ve come across along with my growth as a poet, writer, and beta-reader. That’s the hope, anyways.

Wishful Thinking

I don’t know where to begin

There’s so many things

We’ve yet to discover (about one another).

But I,

Cannot think of when

These imagined tumblings

Could form a future.


No room in frame.


Imagine your sleeping face pressed

Against languid black sheets.


No still-life portrait.


Suffices with intimate proximity and

The unreachable distance it brings.


(It was never something we could truly help.)


You won’t be there

To hold my hand –

Outside to discover

The world at a gaze.


Palm tightly clasped

While another seeks

An escape.


I want the closeness

That can’t be uncovered

With a text, a message,

Or a split-second perusal of your face.

Always I’ve wished

For your happiness.

And despite sadness I’ll learn

To savor coffee’s

Bittersweet aftertaste.


It may be wishful thinking,

Time and desires at hand.

Are emotions enough to supplant

What we will never have?


Instead, we’ll shift, move,

And click with someone else.

Something old, something new, and something blue.

Heya, so this will be a longer post, but given the fact that I haven’t posted since April 2014, an update is needed. I’m going to be more active on this blog, as in, one post every day for 365 days. It’ll be a mix of old and new poetry, along with some daily ramblings. Enjoy! (Or suffer, your choice.)

An Old Poem

Hips in position, labored breathing in and out;

don’t know why I didn’t listen at all,

and imagined it would go away while in


Surrounded by sheetless white, laying there –

you’ve been on my mind.

I couldn’t wait until the end of day,

didn’t care if the Sun himself would disturb our play.

Afterwards, we spoke of trivial things,

neither wanting to go home alone.

My bed’s been preoccupied for this whole time,

and looking back, I realize far too late –

you were the one for me.


Inspired by Adele’s “Hello”


How has it been

Since we’ve spoken

Events passed until

We met again




We shared aspirations

Between us

And with a handshake

Began our year of posts

365 days

And all we’ve got is time.


Something Blue:

Until tomorrow.



Finally doing it!

“For all that we’ve grown
How could we forget
Those who don’t know
Or just don’t know yet
Let’s harvest this field
From sunrise to sunset
The Master is coming
We are not done yet ”
~Brandon Heath “The Harvester”


So fiddlesticks…I’m learning how to use wordpress, and it’s been a bit of a doozy. Basically, I just wanted to announce to the virtual world that i’m finally doing it – creating a blog. I may or may not have anything interesting to say, but I’ve been meaning to have a way to keep track of the unpublished works I read online, or perhaps want to beta-read for. Since it’s late where I’m at (call this the accumulation of a week’s past of sleep deprivation), I’ll make this post pretty short.

Here’s a blather-list of my goals for this blog (my first one, whoopee!):

– Have a place to share/express my opinions on unpublished works I come across online

– Also share/express my opinions on published works I’ve read

– Practice writing

– Meet other writers who love to share their ideas

All of this has a relation with what I want to do in the real-world (virtual world surely applies?!) for a career…

…but I’ll get to that another time when my brain’s synapses/neurons/firing isn’t thrumming warmly in my brain area (say: headache) and pleading with me to sleep already.

So, until then… or tomorrow!