the taste of you.

like a potent,

strong heady brew

he lures me in –

not with platitudes

but the comfort of himself,

all that i took too well

all that we can offer or see

is caught up in texture,

emotional feeling.


i take up this space in the mind

his words formulate to impact

and remind me why

things are better left untouched

but we had gone where we did

traversed planes of closeness

with music and sentiment


–if only eyes could absorb,

dispel, ring truth

yet our awkward doubts resonated through.


you were honest with me as i,

haven’t entirely been with you.

i’d sip you so cautiously –

but you’re not mine to consume.

a part of my heart said,

to let you go –

another headier, selfish part said

but why – what harm though?

Now I see.

Emotions take a toll,

even with lack of physicality.




Two tidbits

Strip off self

Let letters be

Silence thought

And barely breathe.




I don’t know where you want me

But I’ll keep praying

Until you show me the way

Thank you for those I’ve encountered on this path

The difficulties and pressing challenges you’ve sent

But moreover

Thank you

For sharing the lives of my co-workers

with me

We’re all so different with our

varied perspectives

I’m glad to be exposed to their beings

I don’t know Lord

If I’ll be abroad

In some land where English is not the

main speak

Or if I’ll be home

With the suffocating love

That’s both deep comfort and smothering

Or if I’ll be elsewhere in between

May Your will be

Not mine

Though I may wish

Let those desires rest

and Your will come

to the fore of my being



Note: I’ve decided that if I miss a day, I’ll post two poems to make up for it? Sound good? Good.