hold onto me.

We both like comfort

We met halfway

But we have our problems

So neither will want to stay

Because to stay long enough

Would mean we’d dive too deep

But I still want you to hold

Onto me, hold onto me


You’re a drifter

I’m a dreamer

We have these differing ideals

Except when in close proximity

Your covers are mine to half-heartedly steal


Still we’d long to cling like

Vines to trees

So hold onto me, hold

Onto me


You say if we get close and dive too deep

You’d be devastated if I’d hate you –

And leave

So you stay away

And I understand that wish to avoid the pain –


Could you comfort me anyways?


Like bright eyes would croon in a voice strangled speak:

If you love something set it free.



Something old, something new, and something blue.

Heya, so this will be a longer post, but given the fact that I haven’t posted since April 2014, an update is needed. I’m going to be more active on this blog, as in, one post every day for 365 days. It’ll be a mix of old and new poetry, along with some daily ramblings. Enjoy! (Or suffer, your choice.)

An Old Poem

Hips in position, labored breathing in and out;

don’t know why I didn’t listen at all,

and imagined it would go away while in


Surrounded by sheetless white, laying there –

you’ve been on my mind.

I couldn’t wait until the end of day,

didn’t care if the Sun himself would disturb our play.

Afterwards, we spoke of trivial things,

neither wanting to go home alone.

My bed’s been preoccupied for this whole time,

and looking back, I realize far too late –

you were the one for me.


Inspired by Adele’s “Hello”


How has it been

Since we’ve spoken

Events passed until

We met again




We shared aspirations

Between us

And with a handshake

Began our year of posts

365 days

And all we’ve got is time.


Something Blue:

Until tomorrow.