The Night We Kept

Take me back to

The night we kept

Close to us

Remember us

And now we’re loosed

I want you to be freed

In your own symphony

So you float,

On your own boat

Wherever you sail to go

May then, there be vast waters competing


None of that easy sailing stuff

But the tune,

The yearning of that endless night

To guide you home.



life is a car ride

“Nobody knows who I really am” – Rie Fu


 life is a car ride

I owe it to myself

Moreover, I owe it to you

Unnamed stranger who dared me to move


In a car ride spurred on

By tears streaking,

The bramble of leaves and dried grass peeking

Like a fall tumbleweed forest

On his head


It was the jolting movements

His assured persona, disgruntled

Drove me to care when

I would otherwise not pry instead


Between talks of dreams

The 200 m and relay

Football and college

And being leagues away

From anywhere but here


We could relate on that point and such

The highlight seemed

To be

Intelligence and excitement

In stolid features,

The processing and genuine

Direction he’d take to

Secure his future


Basically: I was impressed,

If I hadn’t been plainly saying already

But you know that moment when

Meeting another jolts you out of that

Regulated, monotonous, dreadful state in life?


His words:

“it’s probably too late for me to say this but

Even if something is too hard

It doesn’t matter because

You have to take every chance

And opportunity you can get”


And I saw the burning clarity

In his mature-young features

The weight in which his words imparted

It was quite the unusual opposite:

Wisdom from a youngling to an older figure


But I understood then,

How few and sparingly does life hand out its chances

For some, for others, for most

It’s not the right thing to do if –

Being afraid to push harder,

To challenge oneself

I don’t take the opportunity

And run with it


So I’m doing this for myself and for you

Unnamed stranger

For your words held weight

Because of (and even despite) your youth

May your dreams reach

That zenith you

So highly wish and dream

And pray for too.