The Night We Kept

Take me back to

The night we kept

Close to us

Remember us

And now we’re loosed

I want you to be freed

In your own symphony

So you float,

On your own boat

Wherever you sail to go

May then, there be vast waters competing


None of that easy sailing stuff

But the tune,

The yearning of that endless night

To guide you home.



of cars and almost-accidents.

Almost got hit twice today

Turned blindly into the traffic

Of headlights

Only to be awoken by

Blaring horn to the senses

And curses storm

And to two-ways

Why do they exist?

Because four-ways

Seem more comprehensible to me.


inopportune time

sickness of the heart

body separating from itself a tumor,

a lesion, a cancer –

invading, pervading the conscious

indelible world into

our thoughts, our hearts, our peace of mind;

it did not consider the care and concern

prayer fires that burn

persevere past the solitude

that sickness wishes to capture –

for those that hold your beloved near.


Why do we have hope for useless things?

Past relationships,

Past occurrences,

As if to rethink the obvious

Would recreate that event – that feeling?

Chalk it up to

Human cognition,

Thinking we can change anything.

When the past is fleeting;

Gone the next,

Forever in thoughts,

Never to let its thinker rest.