The Night We Kept

Take me back to

The night we kept

Close to us

Remember us

And now we’re loosed

I want you to be freed

In your own symphony

So you float,

On your own boat

Wherever you sail to go

May then, there be vast waters competing


None of that easy sailing stuff

But the tune,

The yearning of that endless night

To guide you home.



creation colors.

No matter what colors

You try to paint of me

I am as by design

Despite nicks,




I am a portrait in its prime

And even then a progress, incomplete


Even until this day


I am the colors

As other have filled in the summit of love, memories, and gratefulness


All of this, and then some of which

I choose, make up me

I am somehow, still not me

Because I have not yet reached

The zenith

That totality of being.


we protect ourselves so readily.

we protect ourselves so readily

our walls are up this high

we had our night together

your music flooded my mind

and now we’re in strained silence

yet allowing life to pass us by

so i take your excitement, at nonchalance

and you take my hesitancy as me trying to brush you off –

i am.


i want you to do your thing

I want you to be fulfilled and free.


and though I write this on a page

which you’ll probably never see,

the reassurance it brings is that

these are the mite thoughts

that I can share,

can keep.