it’s gonna take a while

as with anything.



I should let a lot of things go.

I should let a lot of things go

And I’m trying

Though not with full force in tow


But I need to let you alone

I need to leave you be

Like, literally


Someone, please teach me

How to accept

Let things be done

Note: Not to attach self

When the cards have

Lasted their turn


I’m the only one agonizing here,

At least,

I think so


I want to find a peace

That accepts

What can’t be accepted fully.


17 minutes.



What will they be?

I guess, in a nutshell they are
Family friends God
And then me.

They’re not particularly in any order,
Because how easily,
Drop of a hat
Flip of a switch
Mumbling of thoughts

Do these priorities
War with one another
Ram against to roar for
Deliverance, which is
Always a task for me.

I like to quite
Overstress myself,
Quite easily.

I want to read books,
I want to knit, write poetry,
Eat good food that I have learned how to make. Become self-sufficient in order to help those people who need it most. Get back on feet, dust off defeat from scruffed up knees, elbows, hastily, resolutely wipe tear trails streaked.
I want to make a difference to those
Whose lives are entangled with mine
Even for the smallest span
A simple glance, passerby
At a time.

You could be my standalone,
A reprieve- a Redeemer
To be alone in thoughts
Head bowed,
Silence cowed
By the reflection of preeminent,
And endless is the fact
To accept life is so much
As it is a daily upward,
Downward bound spiral.
Hug the curves of that
The final sort of
Fast oblivion in speed
The gradual ascent of
Candle tendrils and a spirit leaving.

How jutting and unapparent
And yet how very vital and
Nearly transparent
Are these things,
To me.




what will it take to stay committed

on the path of most resistance

when the true resistance to behold

is simply one’s disbelief,

to complete a task,

beyond a list,

fathoming futures

accepting the risk.


it doesn’t have to just be this.

help me push through

even though i may have no earthly clue

but i can speculate

what’s to be done;

may i readily breathe through it.