Wish I Knew You (Then)

Comment and Sound

tenuous threads of friendship
can we experiment?
see what you really mean
it’s the swingtime beat
of this
hormonal dance
rhythm we’re singing to
it’s a risque type of freedom
cheers to: belated expression of infatuation
perchance drunken expressions
accidentally made
but it’s the lingering feeling of
perhaps being held on to
listened to
in the form and face
of someone new
someone who listened who
doesn’t take judgment at face-value
i suppose he was gorgeous like that
somewhat in looks
lacking in work ethics but rather
adorable in other aspects
i figured
what those comments meant
and ruminated on
what passing glances
awkwardly stifled chances
of exhaled breath
it’s amusing
looking back now
what the questing, probing statements
the back and forth
completion of various lyrics
and transfer of likes and dislikes abound…
i had a marked preference
for you, sir
when you were and weren’t around
i sense you in the phrases “silly”
and your fuzzy hair
so messily shagged around
but it was in the difference of ages
of interests in life
in where we were going individually
which made me stand my ground
to your destructible swaying
of comment and sound
i figured in a way
if things are meant to be
they will, in time play
the reel of life’s moments unendingly
but not here, and not now.
so i wish the
utmost sincere
to our back and forth diatribe
to your mannerism of cupping a face like;
such a fragile element of nature here
to nights of Wingstop
laughter and horror movie
wheels those hours
spent up late
chatting on idle news
but over interests in music
and one another
— i suppose
kept our imaginations freed, fueled, awake.
Cheers, to you

comments and sound

in all that
itself present in you,
and please bless him Lord,
for I believe he needs you. Amen.